Know Before You Go

A taxi Vehicle  with wheelchair ramp with kids and dog sitting in back and wheelchair woman sitting in front seat in her wheelchair with man driving and looking at kids in back

If you live with a disability, finding transportation can be a challenge. Even a trip to the grocery store, a medical appointment, or planning transportation when you are out of town.

Area Accessible Transportation Today
Different Accessibility Options are unique and different in each city, town and state and are often not the same. 360Access is mapping those options so you can find them.A

Public Bus Services
Since the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) there have been government regulations require public bus transit to accommodate accessibility needs. Most transit system also have a paratransit system that is not on demand and you will need to schedule and be registered to book rides.

Rail Services of Trains or Metro Services
Public Rail are often available to long or city limits, but make sure if you use wheelchair or other assistance that you call ahead for details on how to arrange them.

Taxi Service
Taxi services are available in most areas and sometimes small areas. 360Access is mapping these services. We will be mapping all accessible taxi companies. You will know how many in the fleet, how many side entry or rear entry. Take a Taxi!!!

woman in wheelchair in accessible vehicle by the ramp
Madonna Long Co-Founder 360Access in MV1 Accessible Taxi

Hail-a-Ride Apps
Uber and Lyft have become extremely popular apps for quick transportation are often not accessible for Wheelchair Users and make sure when you schedule a ride that you make sure they will pick you up.

Everyone should have a Ride. Once this limo was VETaxi Limo now you can find it in Georgia with Action Limo

Accessible Limousine with ramp open MV1
MV1 Limousine Accessible Limo
Taxi with back hatch open and ramp down
Rear Entry Taxi
MV1 Side Entry Taxi