About Us

360Access’s mission is to provide creditable accessibility information provided by businesses for disabled consumers though local sources.

What this means? We are building an international map of public spaces so all people can easily find accessible goods and services of businesses with just a few clicks on their smart phone or computer.

Who is the disability community? Anyone who may have physical disability — mobility, vision, hearing or, they may have a cognitive disability. Many people who are disabled or aging into disability are in need of a creditable source of information on physical accessibility points or services from businesses. This information is needed when people are at home and in their community or when they travel.

The disability community in United States numbers 64 million people and they spend over $490 Billion each year. These consumers lack information to access businesses and spaces, so this is why we created 360Access.

Information but Not Compliance.

360Access maps existing accessibility features of businesses as a service to persons with disabilities (PWD), their families, friends, caregivers and

Man in wheelchair looking at accessible ramp to store and hand holding cell phone with 360access App

associates — connecting them with accurate information. Our Business Members want people to know about their goods and services, so we bring the two together through many existing platforms featuring accessibility features.

For many people with disabilities knowing where the parking is or if the entrance is flat, where the ramp is, or if the width of the restroom stall is accessible for their needs are important to daily living needs.  So we wanted to create an information source to these places and spaces for millions of people who need such information.

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